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Features and Benefits

Learning Management System

The Learning Management System (LMS) eases the burden of teachers by saving them time and hassle so that they can focus on what they do best...TEACH. At the same time, the LMS provides a superior experience for students and families that rivals Moodle* and Blackboard. Click here to see how we compare.

The Feature/Benefit table below demonstrates how we do it.

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Course Resources and MaterialsEases teacher burden by providing quick and easy options for posting materials such as texts, syllabi, materials lists, and prospectuses.    
Moodle* SynchronizationAllows teachers to import course materials that already exist in Moodle without have to re-create them from scratch.   
Course ObjectivesProvides a tool for teachers to use to enter course topics and objectives for each class meeting.   
Assignments, Handouts, and Items DueProvides teachers with tools to easily post assignments and students with a convenient place to view the details of the assignment and a schedule of due dates.    
Question Banks and TestsSaves teachers time and allows for greater customization and collaboration by allowing them to create question banks and use them to design tests with automatic scoring options.   
Gradebook Cuts time and hassle associated with grading assignments by allowing teachers to quickly download completed work uploaded by students, annotate the document with feedback, and sync the grade to the gradebook for student and family view. Teachers can assign grade weights to homework/projects/tests and the system automatically keeps track of the scores.    
Student Attendance
  • Student Notes tool allows teachers to record positive and negative student conduct and send the family a notification with one click of a button.
  • For online teaching: Attendance tool automatically tracks student attendance in class when students enter online classrooms.
Participation CounterProvides teachers with a tool to easily track students who are participating in class and apply it to the student grade book.   
Teacher CollaborationMakes dealing with teacher substitutions a breeze and provides consistency between multiple sections of the same course taught by different teachers.    
Class Recordings
(Only available if using Online Teaching system)
Organizations using the Online Teaching System, will be able to record class sessions. If a session has been recorded, teachers can make the recordings available for student access when they login to their account and navigate to the class.    
Class PollsTeachers can create true/false, yes/no, or simple answer based polls for students to take within their Manage Assignments screen when they login to their account and navigate to the class.   
AlertsDeclining Grade Warnings alert teachers to provide early intervention for students who are showing a trend of low grade performance.   

*Moodle is a registered trademark of Martin Dougiamas, founder and lead developer of Moodle.

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