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Communication & Support System Overview

 The tools provided by GatherWorks are enabling me to accomplish the tasks quicker so I can spend more time focusing on the people to whom we minister. ¬†And may I just say that I love the automated emails! They take the pressure off of me to remember to send them! 
- Corinne Hays, Administrator, Harvester Teaching Services

Communicate Effortlessly:
  • NEW: Use your email application or send group emails from StudyPlace to groups created within the system
  • NEW: Monitor and manage support requests from your teachers, families, and students.
  • Automated emails are sent by the system to confirm completed transactions. Click here for details.
  • Useful message boards direct messages to specific people or targeted groups of people without having to manage email lists
  • Reliable support tickets are sent to your support staff to alert them of user reported problems
  • Handy help configuration tool allows you to create prompts that will navigate families through the enrollment process
  • Valuable interactive voice response (IVR) system allows callers to interact with voice prompts to get answers to frequently asked questions or to leave a message


Features & Benefits
Click here for a complete list of Communication & Support features and benefits.

The first step in solving the administrative problems of your homeschool support organization is to schedule a free, no obligation web conference demo of StudyPlace. Do it now and RELAX!

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