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Communication & Support System

The StudyPlace Communication & Support system provides tools that ensure more effective communication with students, families, teachers, and staff while also offering better troubleshooting resolution and helpful family support options.

The Feature/Benefit table below demonstrates how we do it.

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Communication & Support System
Support TicketsEnsures quality customer service by providing admin with a way to monitor and manage support requests from teachers, families, and students as they report technical issues within online classrooms, classroom pages, or other StudyPlace operations. The automated ticketing system assists the school's support team with capturing technical information about the user's operating system and helps provide timely responses.    
Group EmailsHelpful tool that allows admin to create groups of individuals and then send emails using their own email application or send directly from StudyPlace.    
MessagesEnsures more effective communication with students and families using an integrated message board visible upon login. Allows teachers and administrators to direct their messages to specific families, all families, students enrolled in specific courses, or all students without having to manage email lists.   
Automated Emails
How-To Video: Email Templates
Saves time and effort for administrative personnel who no longer have to confirm each online family transaction, send out invoices, or notify families of seat status changes, account changes, or course approvals. All these communications are handled by the system with email templates that are triggered to send automatically when certain actions are performed in the system. Click here for details.   
Help ConfigurationProvides helpful support to families by giving administration a way to program help balloons to appear and walk the family through the enrollment process.   
Interactive Voice Response
How-To Video: Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Satisfies your families by providing a phone option to reach you with questions or support issues while also saving administration from having to answer the phone. Callers listen to phone prompts that direct them to the answers of frequently asked questions or allow them to leave a message. Messages are emailed or sent via SMS text to appropriate contacts.   

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