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What Our Customers Are Saying

 StudyPlace is an integrated, customizable system that has accomplished our goal of making administration more transparent to the family while relieving us of the repetitive tasks that had become cumbersome and difficult to manage. 
- Janna Gilbert, Director, Harvester Teaching Services
  I have to admit that I was not a fan of making more changes, but I am literally flying through my paperwork. With over 200 students on my rosters, your system has been a true God send. I'm like a kid at Christmas unwrapping the new features. Great job! 
- Ruth Ann Frederick, Teacher
The Potter's School
 I'm four classes into the year, and the more I work with the new StudyPlace, the more I love it. Thanks for all your hard work to create something with features we really needed. 
- Nikki Troxell, Teacher, The Potter's School
 GatherWorks strives to make sure that I understand how the system works and are cheerfully responsive to the tweaks I’ve asked for. The tools provided by GatherWorks are enabling me to accomplish my tasks quicker so I can spend more time focusing on the people to whom we minister. And may I just say that I love the automated emails! They take the pressure off of me to remember to send them! 
- Corinne Hayes, Administrator, Harvester Teaching Services
 Thank you all so much, I love the new [system] so much better than the last one. It is much better organized and simple. Can't wait to see what you have set out for the future! 
- Student, The Potter's School
 Over the years, we have come to rely on GatherWorks for their expertise, thoroughness, professionalism, and integrity in helping us to deliver our classes online. Now, as we transition over to StudyPlace for our registration and information management needs, we are impressed with how they’ve incorporated our input and produced a superior system that stands alone in the market today. It solves many of the problems that have been slowing us down and offers the flexibility to adjust to our needs as we continue to grow. 
- Jeff Gilbert, Director, The Potter’s School
 You have all been so wonderful in the past summer. Trying to get an entire new system up in that small amount of time seemed impossible, but everything is working so well and I just want to say thank you for all that you've done for The Potters School. 
- Student, The Potter's School
 Registering at HTS for classes was an easy exercise! There was no concern that on-line registration was unsuccessful, confirmation of enrollment was received soon after. Old system for registering was fine, but this was markedly improved and seamless. 
- Bonnie Corser, Parent of Harvester Teaching Services
 I've just practiced in the latest GP5 (web conference system incorporated in StudyPlace) and wanted to thank you for all the updates. I love region sharing and how nicely the large slides change screens. I've also been working on test bank questions this morning and am flying through them because they are so easy to create and duplicate. I haven't had to change due dates to match each individual class time, and that has been a blessing. I really like what you've done and thought you should know it. 
- Ruth Ann Frederick, Teacher, The Potter's School
 Thanks for all that you've done! We are all so thankful to have such a smart, kind, and helpful team working for TPS. 
- Student, The Potter's School
 The gradebook rocks!!!! You guys are amazing.... 
- Lori Martin, Teacher, The Potter's School
 I am an instructor at HTS and used the new system recently to register my own children and to review and approve students for the classes that I am teaching. The new system was a big step up from our last system. The interface is intuitive and incorporates helpful prompts. My registration process took less than 10 minutes to register 3 children for many classes. The automatic email feedback was especially helpful as an extra check to make sure I had all the classes I wanted. Approving students for my classes was also very easy. 
- Isha Youhas, Parent and Teacher of Harvester Teaching Services
 Is it possible to love a gradebook? It just might be. I've been teaching online at TPS for 12 years now, and the new gradebook is exactly the tool I been waiting for to make grading more efficient while keeping high quality personal feedback. Instead of spending time uploading and downloading documents, and entering grades, I am now able to focus solely on my feedback instead. This is a "win" for me, but, more importantly, it's a "win" for the student! Thank you, GW! 
- Diana L. Thomas, Teacher, The Potter's School
 I just wanted to thank you for all the work you've done on StudyPlace. I LOVE that I get the same messages my kids get and I can look at their work and the teachers' feedback of their work. And I have heard my kids having conversations with each other about some of the new changes, like having an exact time and date for when assignments are due. I appreciate the effort you have put in to make is so much better for our families!! 
- Parent, The Potter's School
 I just want you all to know how much I love this new grading system. It saves so much time, and it is so much easier. It is realistic picture of what needs to be done because it is all listed together. There is nothing more satisfying than syncing it and watching it leave the list! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! No more downloads, folders, and trying to keep track of everything on so many different lists. 
- Lori Talbert, Teacher, The Potter's School
 The grade book is wonderful :) It is much easier than the old one, it takes less time to grade the assignments. Well done! Thanks for your effort. 
- Ghaida Azeez, Teacher, The Potter's School
 I just finished grading my first round of tests for two courses, and I just want to thank you for the way the new grade book has been set up. I can't believe how much quicker it was to get a batch of tests graded this year than last! Also, setting the relative due dates has been super easy and is going to save a lot of time. The new system is wonderful, and I so appreciate all the time and effort that has gone into putting it together. 
- Karen Nelson, Teacher, The Potter's School
  ...The changes in the course selector (make it) look MUCH more user friendly...This looks much more like a one-stop shop kind of thing. 
- Anonymous, Parent, The Potter's School
 Thanks for all of the innovations you all have put into Studyplace this year. The reports specifically make managing multiple classes so much easier than past systems we've used and save me a great deal of time organizing classes and student work. I appreciate being able to see at a glance which of my students is struggling.  
- Nikki Troxell, Teacher, The Potter's School
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