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Online Teaching System Overview

 I've just practiced in the latest GP5 and wanted to thank you for all the updates. I love region sharing and how nicely the large slides change screens...I really like what you've done and thought you should know it. 
- Ruth Ann Frederick, Teacher, The Potter's School

Free Website Integration:
Please note: This system can be completely disabled for those organizations that do not provide online classes.
  • Convenient single login access to student account and online classrooms
  • Reliable screen sharing, whiteboard sharing, and region sharing options with audio delivered via the computer
  • Automatic tracking of attendance in class when students enter online classrooms
  • Intuitive tools to promote student interaction with teacher and/or other students during the class
  • Useful online participation counter
  • Available study rooms for small group break-out sessions
  • Easily switch presenter rights between teacher and student to allow students to "come to the board" to demonstrate problem solving
  • Valuable class recordings for students who miss class to playback later


Features & Benefits
Click here for a complete list of Online Teaching System features and benefits.

GP5 Teacher View for Online Presentation


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