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Online Teaching System
Please Note: This system can be completely disabled for those organizations that do not provide online classes.

The Online Teaching System integrates our GP5 web conferencing solution to provide a platform for delivering classes online at no additional cost. So whether your organization teaches exclusively online, offers some courses online, or only one course online, StudyPlace can provide an all-in-one system that interacts seamlessly with other StudyPlace features.

The Feature/Benefit table below demonstrates how we do it.

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Online Teaching System
Web Conferencing Integration using GP5Provides schools with the option to deliver and manage one or all of their classes online at no extra cost. The GP5 web conferencing system is designed to interact seamlessly with other StudyPlace features.    
Online Student AccessSingle login access to student account and online classrooms.    
Screen and Region SharingTeachers can elect to show their entire screen to students or retain privacy by sharing only the regions they want. They can also make a student the presenter.    
Whiteboard SharingTeachers can use a whiteboard and annotate with writing and drawing tools. They can also "call students to the board" for problem solving.   
Student InteractionStudents can respond to teacher questions using the chat tool and can raise their hand to indicate that they would like their mic unmuted to allow them the opportunity to speak. Students can also be given presenter or moderator rights by the teacher.   
Student Attendance
  • Automatic tracking of student attendance in class when students enter online classrooms.
  • Student Notes tool records absences/tardies and sends the family a notification with one click of a button.
Participation CounterProvides teachers with a tool to easily track students who are participating in class and apply it to the student grade book.   
Study RoomsProvides study rooms for students to gather online for small group break-out sessions.   
Class RecordingTeachers have the option of recording their class (shared screen, audio, and chat) so students who missed class can play it back later.   

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