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The Smart Solution for You
  • Is the task of tracking special payment plans keeping you from doing what you should be doing?

  • Does managing your waitlists give you a headache?

  • Do your teachers complain about burden of creating course materials and grading tests?

  • Does managing email lists for family communication cost you too much time?

  • Do your international students, families, and teachers fuss about frequent class meeting time changes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then StudyPlace is for you!

StudyPlace is designed to be the Smart solution for homeschool support organizations and homeschool co-ops. The all-in-one system consists of an Enrollment System, a Learning Management System, a Web Conferencing System, and a Communication and Support System to form a Smart solution that's still flexible enough to let you choose only the features you need!

Resolve to take control of your problems before the next enrollment season comes around! Contact us for a free demo.

The first step in solving the administrative problems of your homeschool support organization or homeschool co-op is to schedule a free, no obligation web conference demo of StudyPlace. Do it now and RELAX!

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