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Affordable Pricing for You
The pricing structure of StudyPlace was built specifically to accommodate homeschool
teaching organizations like yours. It is based on your organization's enrollments. We define an enrollment as a registered seat in a course for which you are charging the family using the StudyPlace system.
Standard Pricing
$10 per enrolled seat¹ (Not to exceed 5% of the price per seat)
$2,000 minimum charge per year

¹An enrollment is a registered seat in a course for which your organization is charging the family using the StudyPlace system; payment of enrollment fees is invoiced quarterly and is due net 30 days; seats given to students for free are not subject to StudyPlace fees; you can cancel at any time without penalty (refer to the StudyPlace Terms of Service for further details).
Individualized Pricing
Let's talk! Would you like to suggest a customized pricing structure that better suits your business model? Then contact us so we can discuss what works best for you!

Benefits of the StudyPlace Pricing:
  • Nominal enrollment price can be included in tuition fees and passed on
  • Three-month, no questions asked money back guarantee
  • Risk Free (no enrollments=no money owed)
  • All features and future upgrades for NO additional costs
  • Rapid ROI
    • Reduce admin/support costs
    • Reallocate admin/support efforts
    • Increase registrations through enhanced image

Value For Your Money
Direct access to the GatherWorks team; a commitment to successful integration, complete training, and ongoing support; and customer driven development available free of charge to all existing and new customers.

Initial Custom Development
Do you require initial custom development of the system before using it? If so, ask us about our option for Initial Custom Development which is subject to different terms and conditions and an upfront fee. Contact us for more information.

The first step in solving the administrative problems of your homeschool support organization or homeschool co-op is to schedule a free, no obligation web conference demo of StudyPlace. Do it now and RELAX!

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