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Family and Student Benefits

Image below: Teacher's postings to students are copied to
parent's message board for monitoring purposes.
StudyPlace supports families.
StudyPlace is the only learning management system designed to support parent oversight and involvement, at whatever level you want. Recognizing that parental involvement is key to a student's success, the system helps parents to monitor grades, assignments, teacher feedback, and even teacher communications.
StudyPlace helps keep students on task.
Other systems list courses on a long page and leave it up to students to manage due dates from posted documents and scattered assignments. StudyPlace gives the student a consolidated, filterable (and printable) task management view of everything coming due and overdue in all courses. For the parent, the view includes everything coming due and
overdue for all students in the family.
StudyPlace helps keep students on topic.
Course pages not only show the plan for each class meeting, they also list the topics and objectives for the week, and the assignments and resources that support the weekly topics and objectives. No more wondering what you're supposed to be learning and no more hunting around to find related items because StudyPlace groups assignments topically with clear learning objectives.
StudyPlace makes sure students and parents always get the message.
All class announcements, assignment scores, teacher feedback, and student notes are posted in Messages, the StudyPlace personal bulletin board. Students never have to wonder if they missed an important update or reminder. Parents can monitor Messages or not, as they prefer. Messages can be hidden after reading, yet always remain easily locatable using a powerful search-while-type feature. You can even manage your Messages on your tablet or phone.
StudyPlace protects the student's hard work.
Every assignment you submit is first given a receipt before it goes anywhere else, so it can always be tracked. StudyPlace does not allow deleting of files by any student, teacher or staff. This all means that your files can't get lost -- not even by accident through your mistake or someone else's.

StudyPlace lets students and parents track grades.
StudyPlace gives you an up-to-date accurate grade report all the time throughout the course. No more waiting until the end of the class to find out how you were really doing, and no more partial grades dragging down your average until the teacher updates the score. StudyPlace updates your grades the moment your teacher evaluates your work, and only counts fully graded work in your running grades. The details of all of your grades, including the feedback on each individual assignment, remain available to you for as long as you have a family account.
Image below: Parents can check on their student's grades as frequently as they like.

StudyPlace always knows the student's local class time.
Students of international schools that teach online, will love the fact that StudyPlace displays all your class schedules in local time no matter what time zone you are in. They system automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings Time shifts in the U.S. and in your local region. If you move or travel to a different time zone, you can update your location settings and StudyPlace will update your class times for you.
StudyPlace ensures course consistency.
No matter whether you take class on Monday at 8 am or Thursday at 3 pm, or whether you are in section 1 or section 21, you get the same course with the same content, resources, and assignments, and the same amount of time to get your assignments done and submitted. And when teachers update an assignment or handout in a course, every section gets the update immediately.
StudyPlace works to improve your experience every week.
New features are being added every week such as parent control of tests and answer keys, a revolutionary teacher grading process, and student polls to report homework completion for credit.

The first step in solving the administrative problems of your homeschool support organization is to schedule a free, no obligation web conference demo of StudyPlace. Do it now and RELAX!

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