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Features and Benefits

Enrollment System

The StudyPlace online course enrollment system was developed to help homeschool support organizations eliminate their technology issues thereby reducing administrative workload and providing a more satisfying experience for students and families.

The Feature/Benefit table below demonstrates how we do it.

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Enrollment System
Versatile Teacher Payment Support
Helps organizations to better respond to teacher payment needs
  • "Lock in" pay at a specific point in time
  • Download spreadsheets for bookkeeping
  • Make adjustments to payment amounts
  • Enter payments sent for reconciliation
  • Custom check entry with deferral options
  • Bonus pay options
Automatic Account Creation
Minimizes work involved with starting new yea
  • Accounts for Tuition, Registration, and Tuition Assistance are automatically created new every year
  • Donations account is created once and used perpetually
  • Transfers can be made as the organization sees fit.
Automated Invoices and Payment Tracking
How-To Video: Automated Invoices and Payment Tracking
Reduces repetitive tasks saving time and preventing administrator burnout.   
24-hr Online Family Self-Help
  • Timeline of enrollment and billing transactions
  • Access to current billing status
How-To Video: Family Self-Help
Saves time and enhances image
  • Fewer billing questions asking "Why do I owe that?"
  • Increases satisfaction
Enrollment Counts and Account Balances Tracking
How-To Video: Enrollment Counts
Reduces stress associated with mining for data and getting real-time account balances.   
Waitlist Management
How-To Video: Waitlist Management
Eases the administrative burden of waitlist management by automatically sending notifications of waitlisted seats and provides administrative personnel options to manage the seats.   
Family Service Management
How-To Video: Creating Family Service Jobs
How-To Video: Family Service Management
Reduces time spent supervising and tracking family commitments.   
Ticketmaster* Style Seat Reservation
How-To Video: Family Enrollment Process
Eliminates enrollment conflicts during high volume periods.   
Course Management
How-To Video: Adding Courses
Saves time setting up and scheduling courses.   
Secure Interfaces
How-To Video: Teacher Interface
Relieves concerns about database security and provides each user group (teachers, students, families, admin) with the appropriate level access to what they need. For instance, teachers can manage their course content, approve seats, and view enrollment and pay details.   
Customized School Preferences
How-To Video: School Preferences
Freedom to choose only the features you want among the enrollment, learning management, online teaching, and communication systems offered. Also, able to set parameters that match your own organization's policies.    
Term Visibility
How-To Video: Defining Terms
Offers families access to new term courses while current term is still in session. Gives administration a quick way to publish term information and to turn enrollment on/off with the click of a button.   
Email Template Library
How-To Video: Email Templates
Saves administrative personnel time and improves their communication efforts with students, families, and teachers. They can customize and activate email templates that will send automatically when triggered by specific actions within the system.   
Teacher Payments
How-To Video: Teacher Payments
Gives administrative personnel details of what each teacher has earned, what they have been paid to date, what is owed, and when it should be paid. Reports can be downloaded to excel or csv files.   
Knowledge Base ArticlesProvides administrative personnel a tool to use to create a library of knowledge base (KB) articles to address student and family concerns. A link to the KBs can be added to the schools website for family access.   
Image/Document Manager
How-To Video: Uploading Images and Documents
Provides an easy process to upload and safely store images and documents in the database.   
Website AssistanceCan provide assistance with hosting and building you a CMS-based website. CMS stands for Content Management System and provides you easy administrative access to add your own text and images.    

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