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Administrators for homeschool organizations new to StudyPlace will need to send Welcome Emails to teachers after completing the Set Up series and just about the time you open enrollment.

Purpose of the Welcome Emails
The purpose of the Welcome Emails is to provide teachers with the information they need to set their password, know where to go to login, and how to login to their teacher account. Once teachers access their account they’ll be able to see their class rosters, approve/disapprove student seats in their course sections, see their compensation for course based on the enrolled seats in their courses, set up their GP5 account if they will be attending online teacher training or teaching online, and, if your organization is using the StudyPlace learning management system, set up their class pages.

Before Sending Welcome Emails
Before sending the emails you must first edit the Email Template that is used for the Welcome Email. If you have completed the Set Up Series you will have already edited this email template. However, if you are sending the Welcome Email before completing Step #12 of the Set Up Series, you will need to follow the procedures for that step for this one email template before you proceed here. (Contact your StudyPlace representative to for more information.)

How to Send the Welcome Emails
  • Once the template is ready, go to Operations and then Teachers.

  • Then click the "Send Welcome Emails to All" button in the bottom right hand corner of the window to trigger an email to be sent to each of the teachers you have entered into the system.


    Note:The password link of the welcome email will expire after a couple of days. So please make your teachers aware that they should follow the instructions soon after receiving the email.

  • Later, if necessary, you can select individual teacher names in the list and individually resend the Welcome Email to him/her using the "Resend Welcome Email."

  • You should use the "Send Welcome Email" button if you add new teachers into the system after the initial mailing has gone out.

  • Watch the How-To video for "Teacher Login Process" that demonstrates the initial teacher login process in our How To library. It is important to watch this video to become familiar with the process so that you can assist teachers if they have problems. The library also includes a video that may be helpful troubleshooting login problems.

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