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Timezone Support

Scheduling Across Timezones
The best Timezone Support on the market!
If you're an organization that offers online courses to international students, then you understand the importance of Timezone Support. With the StudyPlace Timezone solution your international students will know with certainty when their classes will meet every day based on their own timezone and adjustments made for daylight savings time! This knowledge provides students with all the information they need to determine if their schedule will accommodate the times the class is being offered.

Information You Need When You Need To Know It
Despite the complexity of the scheduling challenges inherent with catering to students from every corner of the world, the benefit of the StudyPlace Timezone Support is providing the information families and students need to know (class time changes throughout the term) when they need to know it (during the class selection and enrollment period).

Example of student in Damascus considering a class offered in U.S. Eastern timezone:

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