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Getting Started (before you enroll)
  • Before enrolling, you are required to test the GP5 conferencing software on each computer and each network you plan to use for online classes. You can do this without an account, and without registering for classes.
  • Make sure you meet the System Requirements (see below).
  • Download, install and test the GP5 conferencing software on each computer and at each location where you plan to take classes. (See Testing your Computer below) After you install, the GP5 software will open and give you several options plus a place to enter login credentials. Choose Test My Setup and you will not need any login credentials for testing.
  • Getting Help (see below)

Registered Families and Enrolled Students
  • Keep your GP5 software updated. Normally the software alerts you, and you can update from within the software, when it alerts you.
  • Please note that updates are not required immediately, so please do not update right before class -- wait until you have time to test an update after installing it.

Getting Help
  • Knowledge Base articles. Most of what people ask is already in our FAQs. They are thorough and searchable. Please check there first.

System Requirements
  • 2 GHz Intel dual-core processor (note that this is a requirement for the operating system to run conferencing software, not specifically for GP5)
  • 6 GB RAM (note that this is a requirement for the operating system to run conferencing software, not specifically for GP5)
  • Windows: Windows 8, Windows 7 (*).
  • Macintosh: Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or Mac OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion (**)
  • Headset (USB preferred)
  • High speed internet (FiOS, cable or DSL) with 256 kbps upload or higher. Note that satellite and mobile internet are generally not suitable for internet conferencing (the issue with them is instability and delay, more than speed). You may use them, but we will not be able to support them. GP5 has special settings for low-speed networks, so let Support know if you need those.
* Older versions of Windows are not supported.
** PowerPC processors are not supported.

Downloading the GP5 conferencing software

Testing Your Computer(s)

Before You Test
  • Make sure your computer meets the System Requirements (see above).
  • Get all the recommended Windows Updates or Apple Software Updates.
  • Download the newest version of the GatherPlace software:
  • If you initially have trouble passing the all the tests, try going the File menu on GP5 and selecting Exit, and starting over. Also try rebooting once, as sometimes computers just need to be reset after a problem or after long use.

Audio Test
  1. Plug in your headset into the proper jacks.
  2. Double-click the GP5 icon or open GP5.
  3. In GP5, click the Audio Tuning Wizard button.
  4. In the Audio Tuning Wizard, click Start Test.
  5. Internal Audio Test (to help you select thr right audio device): When you hear the voice recording, click Yes.
  6. Otherwise, click No until you can hear the recording.
  7. Internal Audio Test (to help you adjust speaker volume): When you hear the second recording, click Yes.
  8. Otherwise, click No and increase your speaker volume.
  9. Server Audio and Microphone Test (to test the connection with the server, and help you set your microphone level):
    -Speak into your headset or microphone.
    -If you hear your voice played back, click Yes.
    -Otherwise, click No until you can hear your voice played back.
    -Note that GP5 audio is higher qualiity and more sensitive than skype and other similar applications, to allow for it to be used in a variety of academic settings (e.g., music courses, foreign language courses). This means you will usually need to turn down your mic level from other times you use it, or the GP5 audio may sound "scratchy" (overdriven). Please repeat this test as necessary to adjust your mic level until your voice sounds clear and crisp using a normal indoor speaking voice.
  10. Once you have passed all the tests, close the Audio Tuning Wizard.

Viewer Test
  1. Plug in your headset into the proper jacks.
  2. To view the presentation test, click here (if using Chrome browser, click here). You should see the presentation and hear the accompanying audio.
  3. Once the presentation is over, click Disconnect Everyone to end the test.
  4. If you see the presentation, but do not hear the audio, please perform the Audio Test (above) again and make sure your audio devices are configured properly.

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